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Sticker Service

Understanding The Vehicle Tagging Program
On Site Towing truly is the Towing Enforcement Leader, not because we tow a lot of cars but because we help solve parking issues. We educate your staff and your community on ALL towing requirements. On Site Towing strives to keep you and your community informed at all times. We work hard to be a solution to all your community parking needs. By allowing On Site Towing to effectively monitor your community for Abandoned, Inoperable, or Unauthorized vehicles you are taking a stand to protecting the quality, property value, and the residents of your community.

Please take the time to read and understand the reason that vehicles are stickered on your community, and the definitions of the three reasons that vehicles are towed. By using the three listed definitions you, your community, and On Site Towing will always be protected and work within the means of the law.

What Does Abandoned Vehicle Mean?
“Abandoned Vehicle” simply means that the vehicle has been deserted, run- down, dilapidated. Abandoned vehicles may be viewed as a quality-of-life problem. Abandoned vehicles are unsightly, and they symbolize and contribute to signs of disorder, decay, and crime. In the same way, abandoned/derelict vehicles can undermine the quality of life while potentially contributing to further problems. Vehicles may also contain gasoline and other dangerous fluids, they may attract further damage and parts-stripping, and can become a target for arson or used for drug drops.

When a vehicle has been “Tagged” as abandoned the owner or operator MUST comply and check into the office within the allotted 48 hours. Failure to do so grants you the right to have the mentioned vehicle removed from your community without any further notice.

What Does Inoperable Vehicle Mean?
This enforcement is to reduce the aesthetic impacts of storage of apparently inoperable motor vehicles and vehicles in various states of disrepair on residential neighborhoods. These rules will help to assure the continued integrity and vitality of your communities and will protect property values in those neighborhoods.

What Does Unauthorized Vehicle Mean?
“Unauthorized vehicle” means a vehicle parked, stored, or located on a parking facility without the consent of the parking facility owner.Keep in mind you may have given the resident the right to park in the parking facility of the community, but you did not give permission to store, or work on any vehicle on your community.

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